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Sometimes you'll experience an issue with your vehicle that you can't put your finger on. We’ve cultivated a reputation as the best-trusted diagnostic experts in the area. We'll find out what the issue is and explain it to you. Then our tune-up experts will take care of it for you quickly and effectively to get you back on the road. With our promise to provide you with only the complete services you need, you can always trust our tune-ups!

We'll identify and resolve all your troubles

As part of our honest and friendly service, we also offer free local pick-up and delivery.


Cars are our passion at Westfield Automotive. Not only do we enjoy working on them, we thrive on the satisfaction that only doing a great job can provide. Whether you're looking to resolve an issue you can't identify or are simply interested in making sure that your car is performing at its peak, we'd be glad to chat with you. We've built our local reputation on honesty and dependability, and the community has taken note!

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